What We Offer

Our Mission

At Serenity Farm LLC, our mission is simple: engage in and promote activities that preserve and protect the nature around us and the planet we live on.

Our Pledge

We here at Serenity Farm LLC pledge to provide you with the most natural products we can grow, raise or find.

We are a local family fortunate enough to have a acquired this wonderful piece of property. It was very dilapidated and completely overgrown when we took over.  We are working diligently to restore the property and build our nursery business. 

The animal compound has been restored and we currently have five adult and two baby hybrid Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Keeping them company are ten chickens and one very ornery rooster. We will be adding more.  

Securing a wildlife habitat designation for the property is also high on our agenda.  We must have the rights trees, wetlands, protected nesting areas and other features that will all enhance the beauty of our farm and allow us to achieve our goal.

​Working with the great people over at Flamingo Gardens has been very inspiring.  We would love to see our property bloom into a microcosm of what you will find there at the "Gardens".

Serenity Farm ​LLC

3g - 30' Foxtail Palms

3g - 30' Alexandra Palms

3g - 50g White Crinum Lily

7g Mango Saplings 

3g Red Maple Saplings


5' - 50' "You pick it, we cut it" Bamboo

1g  Aloe plants

​Fresh cut Aloe Leaves

Fresh eggs (when available)

Coming Soon!

Assorted seasonal vegetables

Herb garden

​Butterfly garden

Assorted Bromiliads

Assorted Crotons

​Assorted Succulents

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